EIT Food Algal Course

November 6-7th, 2018, Reykjavík, Iceland

Algal Biotechnology – Techniques and Opportunities for the Sustainable Bioeconomy

The aim of this professional development course is to showcase the opportunities that algae offer the biotechnological industry, including their use for food, feed, nutraceutical, cosmetics, and other applications for bioactive compounds. The course will offer a brief introduction to basic algal biology, taxonomy and physiology, and how those are linked to potential biotechnological uses. The course will then present business aspects of algal biotechnology, including markets, consumers and possibilities for entrepreneurship. A specific focus will be on an “Icelandic perspective”, high-lighting the diverse environments of the country that hosts algae (marine, hot springs, glaciers, etc.) and their potentials for biotechnology, as well presenting examples of Icelandic companies successfully utilizing, producing and marketing algae.

The workshop will run for two days, with one day of talks given at the facilities of Matís ohf. in Reykjavík and the second day consisting of a tour of algal companies located in the South-West of Iceland. The programme will provide an unrivalled opportunity for a broad variety of stakeholders from academia, governmental authorities and industry, including students, researchers, managers and entrepreneurs, to interact with each other and obtain a broad and relevant introduction to the opportunities of algal biotechnology.

Two travel grants of € 500 each are available for PhD students and early-career postdocs that have registered to attend the course in Iceland. Forms to apply for a grant will be send out to registered participants and the applicants are expected to write a short text about how the participation in the Algal Biotechnology course should help to advance their career. A committee of the course organizers will decide who will receive the travel grants based on the motivational text and the circumstances of the applicants, e.g. country the student/postdoc is traveling from, etc. There is no entitlement of an applicant to receive a travel grant and the decision of the committee is final. Travel grants will be paid out after the course has been completed.


PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR OWN ACCOMODATION. Due to the popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination, accommodation in Reykjavik can be limited and expensive when booked last minute. Registered participants should therefore make travel arrangements and hotel bookings as soon as possible. For bookings we suggest to use popular travel sites, like www.booking.com or www.tripadvisor.com. There is also the possibility to rent a private accommodation through www.airbnb.com or similar platforms.


Detail about the EIT Algal course programme can be found here.



Matís ohf. / Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D, Vínlandsleið 12, 113 Reykjavík, Iceland

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